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Valuing diversity and equality

Ten Priorities. One Future.

We treat all employees equally, respecting and promoting diversity in our workforce. We have clear policies and processes in place to ensure that we recruit and treat people fairly and on merit, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability or ethnic origin. We believe that better business decisions come from groups of competent, high-calibre individuals with a mix of skills, experience and backgrounds.

We are signatories of the UN Global Compact and have recently rolled out a revised approach to managing human rights risks, taking account of the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. This approach helps our local businesses to identify and mitigate any significant risks within their operations and value chains.

In an industry traditionally perceived as male-dominated, we have various initiatives for ensuring better representation for women. For instance, MillerCoors' Building Relationships and Empowering Women (BREW) mentoring programme in the USA, which is supported by a female executive sponsor. In South Africa, SAB (Pty) Ltd has seen rapid growth in the numbers of women employed at all grades with a 77% increase in female middle executives since 2008. As at 31 March 2013, 18.8% of our workforce were female (2012: 19.0%) and 28.2% of our executives and managers were women (2012: 27.8%). Although only two of the 12 members of the executive committee are female, 19% of SABMiller's plc board are women, which is higher than the FTSE100 average1 and three of our eight independent non-executive directors are female.

For many years, SAB (Pty) Ltd in South Africa has supported Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) initiatives aimed at growing the economy by including and empowering previously disadvantaged South Africans. More than 78% of SAB (Pty) Ltd's workers are from previously disadvantaged groups and 61% of the company's workers are black. This year in the annual BBBEE verification, SAB achieved 73.11 (2012: 72.9) and is therefore a Level 4 contributor to BBBEE. Through its BBBEE ownership programme, SAB Zenzele, the business has created almost 40,000 shareholders among staff and retailers.

Our employees play a crucial role in our success and it's important that we solicit their views and listen to their ideas and opinions. This is done in almost all of our operations through employee engagement surveys. We also respect the right to union representation and 37.8% of employees are union members. Many of our businesses have developed productive partnerships with trade unions on collective bargaining and other issues.

  1. The Female FTSE board report 2012, International Centre for Women Leaders, Cranfield University
Female executives and managers (as % of total executive and manager workforce) - 2009: 26%, 2010: 25%, 2011: 27%, 2012: 28%, 2013: 28%

Sustainable Development Report

Our 2013 Sustainable Development Summary Report, covering progress on our 10 priorities.

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