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Sustainable agriculture and food security

Ten Priorities. One Future.

Our direct operations are only a small part of our overall resource footprint.

Within our supply chain we have strong relationships with farmers – small and large-scale alike – and work with them to improve land, water and energy efficiency. Agriculture is essential to nexus thinking. We work with large-scale commercial farmers to improve their resource efficiency and support smallholder farmers in improving their cultivation practices so they can increase yields and adapt to changes in climate.

In South Africa, we're working in partnership with WWF to improve the sustainability of barley farming through our Better Barley, Better Beer initiative. The programme helps barley farmers to become more resilient by considering all aspects of their operations, from minimising environmental impacts to the management of labour and finances.

In India, where we take a similar approach, our Progress through Partnership initiative has helped over 7,400 farmers to improve their barley yields by 35% and increase their incomes by 11%. Advising farmers on how to irrigate their fields more efficiently and improve cultivation practices is bringing us closer to our goal of sourcing 100% of the barley we need in India locally.

Achieving the New Vision for Agriculture: New Models for Action

This report details how SABMiller and other companies build collaboration to help agriculture become a driver of food security, environmental sustainability and economic opportunity.

Download Achieving the New Vision for Agriculture: New Models for Action PDF (3.30Mb)

Front cover of Achieving the New Vision for Agriculture: New Models for Action Report

Sustainable Development Report

Our 2013 Sustainable Development Summary Report, covering progress on our 10 priorities.

Download Sustainable Development report PDF (5.6Mb)

Front cover of Sustainable Development Report 2013