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Identify Yourself with El Salvador

In September 2009, Industrias La Constancia in alliance with Glasswing International (a regional non-profit organization that specializes in public-private partnerships and corporate citizenship initiatives) launched the ‘Identify Yourself with Your Country’ program. This initiative seeks to prevent the sale of beer to minors in San Salvador, Santa Tecla and Soyapango by offering educational programs and social work aimed to schools, businesses and local government.

This cross-sector public health initiative brings together key stakeholders to heighten awareness and promote self-regulation and law enforcement around underage drinking and responsible consumption. With a total investment of under $50,000 for 1 year, 2,500 primary and middle school students are completing a one-day course on helping them to avoid underage drinking, ongoing community-based prevention campaigns are being implemented in 3 municipalities, and 1,000 representatives from over 50 points of sale are being trained on responsible practices.

The duration of the pilot program is one year. However, this project will continue over the long-term, always ensuring the different levels of work (at schools, communities and points of sale) are incorporated to achieve the greatest impact.

Thousands sign up as designated drivers

People drinking responsibly

In Ecuador, studies have shown that one of the biggest problems relating to the irresponsible consumption of alcohol is drink driving. One of the cities with the highest statistical rates of drink driving is Cuenca. Here Cervecería Nacional have initiated their 'Nominated driver' campaign.

The campaign 'Nominated Driver' visits bars and discos of the city with a group of "Agents 005" who invite groups of friends to participate in this mission and designate a driver for the night. This driver is then identified with a bracelet and registered in the program.

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