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Where SABMiller holds a minority share in an alliance or partnership, it engages with its partners on sustainable development issues. We encourage these partners to consider sustainable development and we provide support where we can, even though they are not under our management control.

China: CR Snow

China Resources Snow Breweries Limited (CR Snow) is our partnership with China Resources Enterprise Limited and is the largest brewer by volume in China, producing over 106 million hectolitres of beer a year. Its Snow brand is the world's biggest beer brand by volume.

Environmental performance

In 2013, CR Snow used 3.6 hectolitres (hl) of water per hectolitre of beer produced – a 10% improvement on 2012 (2012: 4.0hl/hl). Energy consumption was 163.28 megajoules (MJ) per hectolitre (2012: 165.5 MJ/hl), a 1.3% improvement compared to last year.

The business produced 1.4 million tonnes of waste, of which the vast majority was recycled. In addition, almost 95% of the products produced by CR Snow used returnable glass packaging.

CR Snow's continuous efforts in environmental protection have made it a leading brewer in China in terms of energy conservation and waste reduction. This year the company invested RMB35 million (US$5.7 million) in environmental projects, including 60 energy-saving projects.


CR Snow employs over 81,000 people. This year it provided 189,000 days of training for its employees, an increase of 9,000 compared to last year.

Also this year, the number of female managers increased to 725 (2012: 631) while the number of female executives rose to 105 (2012: 97).

Encouraging enterprise development in China

In Gansu province, CR Snow donated RMB600,000 (almost US$98,000) to Gansu Young People Development Fund, helping 275 students from underprivileged families to attend university.

In Harbin, CR Snow's Putting wings to dreams programme enabled 120 students from poor families to attend Harbin Engineering University and Harbin Business School, with a total donation of RMB240,000 (US$ 39,000).

Investing in the community

When the Anshan Haicheng was hit by a once-in-a-life-time rainstorm in August 2012, CR Snow immediately organised water, food and medical aid for retailers in the heavily affected areas. It also helped eight distributors in the disaster-stricken area to claim insurance refunds, tiding them over at a difficult time.

When the mountainous eastern area of Liaoyang Country, Liaoning Province suffered an extreme flood in August 2012, CR Snow teamed up with first-tier distributors to deliver badly needed materials such as rice, flour and cooking oil – totalling RMB100,000 (over US$ 16,000) – to distributors and retailers affected by the flood.

Anadolu Efes

SABMiller has a strategic alliance with Anadolu Efes, which includes a 24% equity interest in the business. Together with its subsidiaries and affiliates. Anadolu Efes produces and markets beer, malt and soft drinks across an area that includes Turkey, Russia, the CIS countries, South Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Anadolu Efes is the beverage division of Anadolu Group, one of Turkey's leading conglomerates, and is listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange

Environmental performance

Anadolu Efes has a 2015 goal to reduce water consumption to an average of 3.5 hl/hl of beer produced. It has also made specific commitments to responsible water use which include:

  • To fully comply with legal requirements
  • To reduce water consumption and increase water recycling and recovery
  • To decrease the amount of waste water and increase waste water quality
  • To develop cooperation for the protection of water resources.

On energy and carbon emissions, Anadolu Efes aims to achieve a 31 kWh/hl energy consumption ratio and to reduce specific greenhouse gas emissions in its breweries by 15% by 2015.

Sustainable Agriculture programme

Anadolu Efes launched its Sustainable Agriculture programme as a response to Turkey's limited supply of malt barley and hops suitable for beer production in terms of both quality and quantity prior to 1987. In addition, as a company dependent on agricultural raw materials for its products, Anadolu Efes views the negative impact of climate change and other environmental factors on arable land and water resources as a risk to the sustainability of its supply chain. This objective is supported by three strategies:

  • To improve the quality and resource-efficiency of agricultural raw materials
  • To ensure that these products are grown locally in each market
  • To expand the supply area and ensure sustainability.

Thanks to newly developed malt barley strains that require less water to grow, new agricultural areas have been opened up to malt barley farming. Previously grown only in Cumra area in Central Anatolia, malt barley is now also produced in Adana and Adiyaman, the south eastern regions with lower rainfall. Encouraged by Anadolu Efes' agricultural support programs, guaranteed procurement at market prices and certified seed and on-time payments, farmers in these regions have switched to malt barley.

Promoting responsible consumption

Anadolu Efes recognises the importance of responsible consumption and includes “Drink Responsibly” warnings on all signboards, posters and advertisements to educate consumers about the effects of irresponsible alcohol consumption.

Anadolu Efes does not target youth or children, nor does it use young people or children or those who look like young people in its advertisements. It does not advertise in areas where the target audience is children or use content that may link its products with driving.

In 2013, Efes Rus in Russia initiated a campaign in Moscow to remind citizens that drink-driving is totally unacceptable and a threat both to the drunk driver and to other people. A hundred bill-boards were placed along the city's main avenues. The imagery of a crumpled can with a crashed car symbolised the negative consequences of drink-driving with a message which read: “Drinking and Driving are incompatible!”

Sustainable Development Report

Our 2013 Sustainable Development Summary Report, covering progress on our 10 priorities.

Download Sustainable Development report PDF (5.6Mb)

Front cover of Sustainable Development Report 2013