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Tackling 'non-commercial' alcohol'

Our Priorities: Alcohol responsibility

‘Tackling ‘non-commercial’ alcohol’

Nile Breweries


In some parts of the world, particularly in developing and emerging markets, we are concerned about the consumption of ‘non-commercial’ alcohol. In Africa, where many of our consumers live on less than a dollar a day, the World Health Organisation has previously estimated that about 50% of the alcohol consumed is ‘unrecorded’ and has noted that ‘traditional forms of alcohol are usually poorly monitored for quality and strength and in most countries it is possible to find examples of health consequences related to harmful impurities and adulterants’.

Tackling 'non-commercial' alcohol'

In response, our businesses are expanding their brand choices to include high quality, affordable beers made from locally sourced crops such as sorghum and cassava. Eagle lager is one example. Eagle Lager was the first sorghum ‘clear beer’ to be introduced in Uganda by a leading brewery. Today, Eagle accounts for around 50% of all SABMiller beer sold in the country. It was introduced, in part, to tackle the consumption of ‘non-commercial’ alcohol by offering consumers a safe, affordable, high quality beer from locally grown sorghum.

The added benefit of using locally grown crops to brew this beer is that since the first commercial production in 2002, the number of Ugandan smallholders supplying sorghum to brew Eagle has grown to over 9,000 with considerable benefits to local economic development.


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