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Encouraging road safety campaign at Peru

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'Encouraging road safety'



Backus has participated and supported a number of initiatives to promote road safety in Peru. In April 2010, Backus participated in a "Multisectoral responsibility for Road Safety" meeting organised by the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Ministry of Interior. At this meeting, Backus signed the Declaration of Lima which aims to form a monitoring committee to create public awareness of the importance of road safety.

In November 2010, Backus also participated in a similar meeting in Pucallpa, Madre Dios. The forum included presentations from representatives from key public institutions involved in road safety.

'Elected friend' campaign

In addition, for the last two years Backus has supported the 'Elected friend' campaign. This is a campaign that promotes the nomination of a driver in a group of friends who will not drink alcohol on a night out and then drive the group home. During the first year, Backus supported the campaign with advertising material and commercial billboards. In the second year, this increased to include the donation of advertising material, two television commercials and 60 alcoholmeters for operational control led by the National Police.

According to data published by the National Police, in the first year that the campaign was implemented there was a 54% decline in the number of drivers penalised for drink driving and during the second year, there was a 33% decrease in the number accidents related to drinking and driving.



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