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Preventing underage drinking

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'Preventing underage drinking'



In the United States, where the legal drinking age is 21, MillerCoors have created 'Respect 21', a partnership with the Responsible Retailing Forum and Dr Brad Krevor of Brandeis University and local distributors which gets retailers engaged in improving efforts not to sell alcohol to underage customers.

Retailers are given training materials to help them fill gaps in their current policies and practices. Mystery shoppers of legal age are then sent in to purchase alcohol. The mystery shoppers evaluate how well the staff did in asking for and validating their proof of age. They provide on-the-spot feedback, and a performance evaluation is sent the owner.

Preventing underage drinking

Improvements have been seen in every city where the programme has been conducted. In Miami, there was a 100% increase in the number of times clerks requested proof of age. In New York, pass rates increased from 67% in the first quarter of the programme to 89%.

Preventing underage drinking

Research has found that the primary influences on underage drinking are parents (71%) and friends (35%). So MillerCoors has partnered with the Search Institute to launch The site provides tools and advice for everyday conversations parents can have with their children on drinking responsibly.

MillerCoors have also worked with experts in the fields of education, family therapy, law enforcement and student health and wellness to develop 'Let's Keep Talking', a brochure to help parents talk to their teens about alcohol. Parents can learn how to ask the right questions and prepare their children for university and life after high school, helping them learn the laws governing underage drinking and the consequences associated with poor decisions.

Download the 'Let's Keep Talking' brochure PDF (2.64Mb)


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