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Bavaria, brewer of Aguila, has developed a robust approach to business ethics over the past five years in support of SABMiller's commitment to the UN Global Compact and recognising the benefits for developing trusting relationships with stakeholders and employees, and building reputation and corporate standing.

Since it first adopted its ethics policy and guidelines in 2006, over 14,700 employees, subcontractors and strategic suppliers have been trained in the company's principles. Training has taken place at all breweries, distribution centres and offices and all senior managers, including the president, vice presidents and directors of the business, have participated in the process.

During the year, Bavaria hosted its Fourth Business Ethics Forum to which the country's main companies were invited. The Forum was held in 13 cities throughout the country and 2,149 people attended, representing 1,206 companies. At the events, 708 companies signed an ethical commitment.

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In addition, Bavaria and six of the most important companies formed a partnership with the local newspaper (El Tiempo) and the Global Ethics Foundation. Through this alliance, a number of editorials on ethics were published in El Tiempo throughout the last year which covered topics such as 'the need for global ethics', 'ethics and religion' and 'ethics in politics'. These editorials were combined to form a book ('Global Ethics') which was distributed to 500 Bavaria employees.



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