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Reforestation project at Peru

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'Turning waste into forest'



At our San Juan brewery in Peru, we are using waste from the production of Pilsen Callao – one of the country's most popular beers – to support a substantial reforestation project in the local area, so contributing to conservation and biodiversity, and restoring the natural environment for the local community to enjoy.

Brewery waste such as kieselguhr, domestic waste and label pulp is treated in a newly constructed organic fertiliser plant on site, which was completed in 2011, and used to cultivate seedlings in a nearby nursery garden before planting.

A worker working on a local reforestation project at Peru

Over a five year period, over 290 hectares will be reforested and the brewery will seed 323,301 trees (1,111 trees per hectare). The first phase of the project involved the construction of the nursery garden and an organic fertiliser plant; and the preparation of the first 68 hectares. By the end of the first phase in March 2011, 75,548 trees had been seeded and over US $425,500 had been invested in the project.

Nursery garden using organic fertiliser from San Juan brewery waste in Peru

As well as replacing rainforest destroyed by deforestation and encouraging biodiversity, the new forest will also act as a sink for carbon emissions.

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