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Ten Priorities, One Future: Communicating sustainable development to our employees

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'Ten Priorities, One Future: Communicating sustainable development to our employees'


In June 2010, we launched 'Ten Priorities. One Future' our first global communications campaign to raise awareness of sustainable development amongst our employees and of our ten sustainable development priorities.


Through the campaign over 48,000 employees in 27 markets were involved in events, attended presentations or took part in other communications in a way that was relevant to their particular business and market. This was supported by the development of materials that could be used by all our business, such as a campaign logo and videos explaining some of the sustainable development projects undertaken across the world. These were also made available for external stakeholders on our website.

Ten Priorites, One Future display

To measure the success of this campaign, we undertook an interval survey of employee attitudes and perceptions of the 'Ten Priorities. One Future' campaign, asking general questions such as whether they now had a better understanding of sustainable development and SABMiller's ten priorities, to more detailed questions focusing on specific priorities. The survey showed that 66% of respondents said they are now more interested in sustainable development as a result of this campaign, and 85% of those surveyed stated that they knew how they can promote sustainable development at work. At a plc level the results are even better: 99% of employees said they had engaged with the ten priorities as a consequence of the campaign.

Ten Priorities, One Future launch banner A group of workers


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Our priorities: Transparency and ethics

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