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Recognising the importance of educating truckers who play an important role in the supply chain, SABMiller India recently launched project ‘Humsafar’ at HBL, its award winning brewery at Sonepat. The primary focus of the programme is to spread awareness of HIV/AIDS among the truckers who are identified as a potentially vulnerable group. The programme includes the facilitation of group discussions, distribution of free awareness materials, condom demonstrations and distribution, one-on-one sessions and talk shows

SABMiller India

Humsafar’ was first launched in 2008 at the Rochees Brewery, Neemrana in partnership with Humana, a Rajasthan based NGO and Rajasthan State Aids Control Society. The programme was later expanded to Mysore breweries in Karnataka and SICA in Pondicherry. As part of the company’s ongoing initiative the programme is envisaged to be expanded to all the SABMiller India breweries.

Last year, the project has managed to reach 9,800 truckers through one-on-one and group discussions, referring 470 truckers to local hospitals and nearby Integrated Counselling and Testing Centres and distributing approximately 3,200 condoms.

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