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Music festival in the Netherlands

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The Netherlands

Grolsch is a popular choice of beer at music festivals in the Netherlands. Previously, the beer was distributed at all festivals in hard plastic cups. Not only did these create large quantities of waste, but were also a hazard when left on the floor.

Working in partnership with the events management firm Loc 7000 and cup manufacturer Huhtamaki, new bioplastic cups were developed which do not need to be sent to landfill. When collected, the cups are processed and are then able to be recycled into a variety of products including new cups which are of the same quality as the originals.

Grolsch beer

To ensure the cups are gathered for recycling, special collection stations are established at the festivals. Visitors who collect and return 10 cups receive tokens for a free Grolsch or soft drink.

Grolsch is now using these new cups at several big festivals such as North Sea Jazz, Lowlands and Concert at Sea.

Similarly, at the Santa Cruz Day Carnival in Tenerife, Cervecera de Canarias gave away a free glass of Dorada Sin (Alcohol-free Dorada) for every ten Dorada branded plastic glasses used and returned to a designated collection point by consumers. Its objective was to heighten public awareness about recycling, as well as reduce waste disposal on the streets of the Tenerife capital and, at the same, encourage responsible drinking among the population.


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