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Supporting women's empowerment

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'Supporting women's empowerment'

Lesotho Brewing Company


In October 2010, Maluti Mountain Brewery hosted a conference for around 100 spouses and partners of employees. The theme of the day was women's empowerment to promote self awareness, self-reliance and financial independence. External specialists addressed entrepreneurship, family law and information on responsible alcohol consumption based on our internal alcohol training programme.

Women's health issues were also covered including nutrition, hypertension, diabetes and HIV/Aids with voluntary counselling and testing available. A plant tour also acquainted the women with their spouses' work environment.

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One of the participants, Mathato Koloti, said of the event "Things have been moving slowly for my family, but now following this empowerment session, I am determined to make a difference and meet my husband half-way in providing for our families needs".

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