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Enterprise development

Encouraging enterprise development in our value chains


“Backus is one of the main partners of the World Monuments Fund in Peru. Together we have been promoting conservation projects for 11 years in various regions of our country, such as the Huaca de la Luna in Trujillo which has become a centre of development for that area.

So far we have applied this successful conservation model in a wonderful area in the south of the city of Cusco, called the Andean Baroque Route.

We are very happy to work with Backus as we both share the view that proper conservation and management of our cultural heritage generates welfare and development for the community by strengthening local capacities and promoting sustainable and responsible tourism.

I am positive that we will continue promoting new projects together, strengthening sustainable heritage conservation models for the development of our country.”

Marcela Pérez de Cuellar, President of the World Monuments Fund, Perú

Speaking at the graduation of over 300 participants of our Progresando Juntos (progressing together) entrepreneurship programme for micro and small-scale entrepreneurs in El Salvador:

“I believe the most important element about this training and technical assistance programme lead by Industrias La Constancia (ILC) is that if it was replicated by others, The country would take a giant step in achieving linkages between large companies and medium, small and micro enterprises. I congratulate ILC for promoting a programme like Progresando Juntos, and I encourage you to apply all you have learned related to costs estimation, account keeping, inventory management, customer service and improvement in food preparation practices, since all your efforts will lead you to your success.”

Ileana Rogel Former CONAMYPE Director (CONAMYPE is the National Commission for micro and small enterprises development, an office reporting to the Economy Ministry)