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Working towards zero waste operations


“Since 2002 EKO-KOM has dealt with the reuse and recycling of packaging waste for Plzeňský Prazdroj. With all our customers we are proud to develop closer cooperation in joint informative and educational activities supporting sustainable development. We are glad that Plzeňský Prazdroj, a company that seeks to minimise the negative impact of its business on the environment and works towards zero waste operations, is one of them.”

Lukáš Grolmus, Director of the Communication Department, EKO-KOM, a. s.

Using our brewery waste to support reforestation and conservation in Peru

At the San Juan brewery in Peru, Backus is working with NGO Reforesta Peru to use its waste from the production of beer to produce an organic fertiliser:

“We have worked closely with Backus to develop an innovative project to use brewery waste to produce compost for a substantial reforestation project. This support has enabled us to form a skilled technical team of forest engineers, agricultural engineers, biologists and technicians and successfully implement this project. It has also facilitated key relationships with our stakeholders, such as Office of Sustainable Development (Dirección de Desarrollo Sostenible). It is our aim to be good strategic partners of Backus.”

Enrique Toledo, General Manager, Reforesta Peru