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Making more beer but using less water


“SAB is playing a leading role in water stewardship within South Africa, operationalising key aspects at all important levels. First of all, and most importantly, SAB has made a thorough assessment of its own water footprint and has begun setting clear targets and making operational improvements to reduce that footprint.

Secondly, SAB is exploring water risks within its supply chain and investing in water stewardship in the truest sense by encouraging and enabling its suppliers to reduce their water risk and water impacts. This is an area where WWF in South Africa has collaborated very closely with SAB and we are proud of the leading work we are achieving together with hops farmers in the George area.

SAB has taken great strides towards water stewardship since our cooperation kicked off three years ago. It is encouraging to see the continued focus on improving internal water efficiency in the breweries and in the supply chain.”

Christine Colvin, Senior Manager, Freshwater Programmes WWF-SA

“It has been a pleasure to work with MillerCoors towards a healthier Silver Creek and more sustainable agricultural industry. Silver Creek is one of the world's most beautiful spring creeks. Located in central Idaho, it is a world-class trout stream and a haven for wildlife. Unfortunately, development pressure from Sun Valley and some agricultural practices pose significant threats to the watershed.

In 2009, MillerCoors decided to join us in our effort to protect Silver Creek. We saw this as a wonderful opportunity, because Silver Creek is largely surrounded by barley growers, many of whom are part of the MillerCoors' supply chain. Silver Creek is dependent on clean, abundant groundwater – the same water the barley farmers are dependent on for their crops. With MillerCoors' financial support and its close relationships with area farmers, we have developed and are currently implementing water conservation strategies to both enhance the Silver Creek ecosystem and create a more sustainable farming system throughout the valley.

We are proud of the work at Silver Creek. We could not have done it without MillerCoors, its support, enthusiasm for sustainable farming and conservation, and close relationship with local barley farmers. ”

Dayna Gross, Silver Creek Watershed Manager, The Nature Conservancy