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SABMiller funded the UK-based think tank, Demos, on a two-year study to examine youth binge-drinking:

“There's a great deal of concern, both in UK society and in Parliament, about the impact of drinking in our communities. This kind of research helps to stimulate the debate and helps to get people thinking about how we can have both a healthy brewing industry and a healthy society. We only achieve those two things if we share ideas and look at the facts rather than the hype and the media speculation. We don't want to tell people how to live their lives, but there are things that both the industry and government can do in order to help people make the right choices: healthy choices for life.

That's why I'm pleased that SABMiller took this courageous decision to enable Demos to undertake this research and to bring all of the parties together to debate the findings.”

Andrew Griffiths MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group

“As the independent chairman of the Sales and Marketing Compliance Committee, my role is to assess the compliance of all of Plzeňský Prazdroj's commercial communication to check it complies with internal policies as well as national and EU advertising codes.

In a typical meeting we analyse our most recent marketing approvals, discuss proposed marketing executions and learn about wider trends and developments in ethical advertising. Committee members review not just final designs but also early drafts. The Committee meets on a quarterly basis. Between meetings we use an electronic system to assess new communication proposals remotely.

I believe the company's decision to have an independent SMCC chairman enhances transparency, adds credibility and sets a high benchmark in responsible alcohol communication in the Czech Republic.”

Ladislav Šťastný, Chairman of the Czech Advertising Council and Chairman of Plzeňský Prazdroj's Sales and Marketing Compliance Committee

“In collaboration with MillerCoors, ABMRF/The Foundation for Alcohol Research developed the Great Plays grants program to provide funding to universities to prevent and intervene in the drinking behaviors and the harmful consequences of alcohol among their students. Presently, the foundation is pleased to have funded more than 20 campus programs with Great Plays grants. This larger research grant is important for allowing universities to test innovative programs to change college students' drinking behaviors and limit harmful consequences. The continued collaboration between MillerCoors and the foundation will promote the expansion and refinement of Great Plays to a prominent program in support of universities.”

Mack C. Mitchell, Jr., M.D., President, ABMRF/The Foundation for Alcohol Research

“The consequences of drinking during pregnancy are still underestimated in our country. There is a well-established, erroneous opinion that "one glass of beer will do no harm'. But this proverbial gulp, in the period that is critical for the foetus development, can have a dramatic impact. The Fastryga Foundation initiates and supports all actions taken to reduce the negative consequences of drinking during pregnancy. The campaign "During pregnancy I don't drink alcohol", led by KP, is a valuable initiative encouraging abstinence during pregnancy. We are all responsible for its' lasting – let it last as long as possible!”

Malgorzata Klecka, Chairwoman, Fastryga Foundation

“This has come at a time when many stakeholders have been trying to find a way to address some of the teething problems with the sale and consumption of alcohol in Ghana. ABL has taken a giant step and I am sure this will have a positive impact.”

Mrs. Monica Owusu Afoakwa, a public health practitioner with the Tema General Hospital and one of the five facilitators for the responsible alcohol retailing training programme, Accra Brewery Limited.

“I have never considered the harmful impact of alcohol on pregnant mothers but with this training I am going to instruct my waiters never to serve any expectant mother who enters my facility to purchase alcohol.”

Daniel Boamah, Manager of Stone Age Pub, Ghana

“In my locality, the issue of underage drinking is a major concern to some of us. What I intended to do from today is to boldly put up a sign that will indicate that I don't serve underage persons. This will succeed if all other alcoholic beverage retailers get to understand the harmful effects of underage drinking and the urgent need to stop binge drinking among the youth.”

Slyvia Tagoe, Manager of Home Alone, a pub in Osu, Ghana

“During recent years, the Romanian Traffic Police has had a close co-operation with Ursus Breweries with a view to deploying common programs in the field of traffic education as part of our wider national campaign "Choose Life!". In this context, a successful program undertaken together was "Zero La Mie", which was launched in 2011 as part of Ursus Breweries "Find your Balance!" platform and aimed at raising the awareness of youngsters with regard to the risks of drinking and driving. Taking into account the good results obtained through this co-operation, we believe it is necessary to continue our common undertakings in order to further contribute to enhancing road safety.”

Lucian Dinita, Chief Superintendent, Director General of the Romanian Traffic Police

“The collaboration with Ursus Breweries offered a new perspective to the communication with parents regarding underage drinking. Parents still consider alcohol as tabu in the discussions with their children. Through "Find your Balance" program we went in small local communities and our approach encouraged them to discuss the subject in an interactive way. We offered practical information about communicating with youngsters and about the relationship with them. Ursus Breweries showed initiative and succeeded, with the help of local librarians, to gather in one place all the decision makers, alongside with parents, while explaining them the effects of alcohol consumption on children.

Through "The Parent's Guide" launched with Ursus Breweries our advices were made available widely to the ones that need help. For me, as a representative of the Civil Society, participating in this project was a sincere example of responsibility and dedication to change something in the community. ”

Daniela Gheorghe, psychologist, Executive Director of the NGOs Federation for Children

Sustainable Development Report

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