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Responsible drinking

Discouraging irresponsible drinking


The issues

Each day our beers are enjoyed by millions of consumers. While the vast majority drink responsibly, there is a minority who drink too much, putting themselves and the people around them at risk of harm.

The harmful use of alcohol, and associated societal issues such as violence, drink-driving and underage drinking, are a cause of concern around the world. The World Health Organization estimates that more than 36 million deaths are related to non-communicable diseases1 (NCDs) such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease – illnesses to which alcohol abuse is a recognised contributing factor.

Why this is a priority

The causes of alcohol-related harm are broad and complex and there is no simple solution. As a brewer, we care about the effects of irresponsible consumption and are determined to help tackle them. We have clear principles that guide the way we operate as a business. Our approach is to engage with stakeholders and work collectively to address irresponsible consumption. We believe it's essential to gain insights into alcohol-related harm at a local level. We work with governments and their partners to deliver targeted interventions that respond to those challenges. We aim to assess the impact our programmes are having on the problem and use this information to shape our strategy.

1 WHO NCD fact sheet 2013

Our Alcohol Framework

Our alcohol framework underpins our work and guides our everyday decisions.

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