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Transport to schools

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'Transport to schools'



Social investment has been, and remains, a core value of Voltic Ghana Limited. The bottled water business runs a number of corporate social investment (CSI) initiatives encompassing sport, local festivals and partnerships with NGOs.

Recently, Voltic sponsored a school transportation project for children from the Koforidua, Ada and Aboabo communities in the Eastern region of Ghana. These children are often unable to attend school owing to the long distances they must travel each day by foot. The innovative project, named Trikademik, comprises a fleet of ten tricycles specially developed in partnership with the Dutch University of Delft. Adapted to the local African terrain and weather conditions, each features a safe seated area for children as well as advertising space.

Transport to schools

The project is a partnership between Instinct Media Ghana Ltd and Voltic Ghana Ltd. Not only is it expected to improve school attendance by the children, but also improve incomes for the local community. For example, the Koforidua project provides jobs for fifteen riders, two bike mechanics and a team leader. Furthermore, the project has provided job opportunities for approximately fifteen artisans from the communities, in addition to building material suppliers.

Find out more about Trikademik and see some pictures at

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