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‘Encouraging local entrepreneurship’

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Ursus Breweries constantly invests in bringing benefits and strengthening the local communities. In the last three to four years Ursus have supported the development of the Danube Delta area through different programmes such as cleaning the area, donating equipment for PET recycling and promoting the unique landscape of the region with EU and national stakeholders.

This year, as part of the launch in Romania of the international Sustainable Development platform “Ten priorities. One Future.”, Ursus supported the cultural and gastronomic festival “D’ale Gurii Dunarii”. The aim of the Festival is to promote the local traditions of the Danube Delta (an extremely beautiful, but also underdeveloped area in Romania) and help the people living in the Delta to turn their skills and interests into small businesses that could generate a sustainable development for this region. 

Ursus Breweries is already a traditional partner of the cultural and gastronomic festival "D’ale Gurii Dunarii" organized by the "Save the Danube and Delta" Association. At this festival, teams representing local communities from the Danube Delta compete in a cooking contest, preparing dishes following traditional local recipes. The financial prizes won by the local teams are used for the benefit of their communities.

Romania local community

Besides offering the Grand Prize at the 2009 and 2010 editions, this year Ursus Breweries invested in organizing business training for participants from the local communities. At the end of the entrepreneurship training course participants were asked to write a business plan and submit it, in order to obtain financing for their projects.  Part of the selection criteria were conditions related to the sustainable development of the area, like using raw materials and energy in a sustainable way or ensuring the environmental protection of the Delta landscape. The three best projects received a financial recognition to support the local entrepreneurs to turn their ideas in reality.

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