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Strategic priorities: Leveraging our skills and global scale

'Cross-regional IT solutions'

As part of the process of transforming their operations, SABMiller's Latin American businesses have developed a common system for optimising the planning and supply chain operations in each market. Another collaborative project, first implemented in Peru and now also live in Colombia, is a front-office tool for improving control of sales and distribution and becoming more effective at the point of sale. Benefits from the two projects have included more accurate budgeting and forecasting, improved production scheduling, reduced working capital and better customer service.

The next step is to combine these locally developed solutions with SABMiller's standardized and integrated back-office system (see case study above) as it starts being rolled out in Latin America. Ecuador will shortly become the first country to adopt all three systems – supply chain planning, front-office sales and distribution and the integrated back-office – on a single IT platform.

Having drawn on developments in South Africa, Latin America is now collaborating with SABMiller's European businesses to adapt the platform to their markets – ensuring, for example, that a system designed to include 'mom and pop' stores in Peru can be adapted to European supermarkets. As learning is shared in this way, each region is able to innovate more quickly than it could have done on its own.

Strategic priorities

SABMiller's strategic focus is centred on four priorities

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