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Dreher Breweries Alcohol Responsibility Programme

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The aim of Dreher Breweries’ Alcohol Responsibility Programme was to initiate a dialogue on responsible alcohol consumption among Hungarian adults, the government and NGOs using a dedicated website at

Visitors to the website can access relevant information including the expert opinion of scientists, government officials and others on responsible alcohol consumption.

In its first year the website attracted 131,910 visitors. In an independent survey, 89% of visitors found the website interesting, 79% found it credible and 64% thought it contained content that met their personal interests.

One feature of the programme was that it enables stakeholders to share information and openly state their positions on alcohol. In all, 504 comments on 31 different topics were posted on the website. 68% of visitors argued for moderate consumption, 70% emphasised the importance of personal responsibility, 52% wrote about their personal experience and 20% of visitors asked for help or advice.