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Partnering to promote responsible consumption

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A number of studies have demonstrated that people who consume alcoholic beverages in early adolescence have a higher probability of developing alcohol dependence more rapidly and at an earlier age. Therefore, interventions aimed at preventing underage drinking not only mitigate its acute consequences, but also reduce the likelihood of alcohol dependence later in life.

To address these issues, Industrias La Constancia formed a partnership with GLASSWING International to develop a pilot responsible consumption programme in four cities in El Salvador: San Salvador, Soyapango, Santa Tecla and Antiguo Cuscatlán. This initiative has brought together a number of key stakeholders to raise awareness and promote self-regulation and law enforcement around underage drinking and responsible consumption.

The programme aims to raise awareness of responsible consumption to both students and retailers. To date, approximately 3,000 primary and middle school students have completed a course on prevention strategies to avoid underage drinking. In addition, 575 community members participated in workshops about responsible consumption and 750 bartenders, waiters, and managers from over 50 restaurants, nightclubs, and bars were trained on responsible sale, service and consumption of alcoholic beverages. In 2011, Industrias La Constancia aim to expand the programme to continue raising awareness of responsible consumption across the country.

This programme has also been replicated in Honduras where Cervecería Hondureña has also partnered with GLASSWING to train retailers and raise awareness on the risk of underage drinking as well as responsible consumption by adults.