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Grolsch - optimising ventilation and lighting systems

The Grolsch brewery in the Netherlands

Apart from the brewing process itself, ventilation and lighting consume the largest amount of energy at the Grolsch brewery in The Netherlands with its 29 ventilation units and hundreds of lights.

Traditionally, most lighting and ventilation systems ran at fixed times during the day, regardless of whether the plant was in operation or not. Since January 2009, Grolsch has been optimising its control systems to link the ventilation and lighting systems to the operation times of the brewery.

As a result, the brewery has saved more than 100,000 kWh a month without significant capital investment.

Growing Grolsch farming initiative

A group of workers examine crops in a field

Growing Grolsch is a sustainable arable farming initiative undertaken by Mouterij Kloosterzande (Grolsch’s malthouse in The Netherlands) and directly linked to the Grolsch brewery’s sustainability programme.

This initiative takes a long-term approach by encouraging sustainable malt barley production throughout the Grolsch value chain. Regular workshops are held with suppliers to encourage them to focus on different elements of sustainability.

For example, in June 2009, Grolsch organised a sustainable agriculture-themed demonstration day for growers of brewing barley. The aim was to raise awareness of sustainable development among growers in Zeelandic Flanders. The event focused in particular on practical ways to promote soil fertility and increase the quality and value of the crop.