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A fair approach to taxation

Ten Priorities. One Future.

Given its important contribution to local public services, the level of tax paid by multinational companies is of major interest to many stakeholders.

We work closely with revenue authorities around the world to ensure that our tax returns and related disclosures meet their requirements and this is underpinned by a robust governance structure. This year, we were recognised as Best Taxpayer of the Year for the third year running by Mozambique's Tax Authority.

The total taxes borne and collected by SABMiller plc during the year amounted to US$9,900 million compared with US$9,400 million in 2012. This includes excise taxes, corporate taxes, transactional taxes and taxes borne by employees, as well as a share of our US joint venture's taxes. Of this total, 73% was paid in developing countries. The corporate tax charge during the year was US$1,201 million compared with US$1,126 million last year, giving us an effective tax rate of 27.0% (2012: 27.5%).

Sustainable Development Report

Our 2013 Sustainable Development Summary Report, covering progress on our 10 priorities.

Download Sustainable Development report PDF (5.6Mb)

Front cover of Sustainable Development Report 2013