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Ten Priorities. One Future

Water strategy

Water treatment pipes

Water is an increasingly urgent issue in India with a rising population and decreasing ground water table. In response our Indian business, SABMiller India, launched their '5R' water strategy in 2007 achieving significant reduction in water usage. Overall water consumption has decreased, reducing the amount of water it takes to produce one hectolitre of beer from over 9hl/hl to 5.6hl/hl in five years.

This has been achieved through a wide range of initiatives including reverse osmosis systems to allow waste water to be reused as service water and introducing rainwater harvesting systems to replenish the water table.

SABMiller India is committed to reducing water in its breweries and realise its goal of reducing water usage to 3.5hl/hl by the year 2015.

Energy from rice husks

Rice husk boiler

SABMiller India has invested in renewable energy sources including agtriculatural waste. In May 2007 the first rice husk boiler was installed as part of the expansion of the Rochees brewery in Rajasthan.

The boiler uses agricultural waste, typically rice husk, as fuel. The many benefits include reducing manufacturing and fuel costs (especially as the price of rice husk is relatively stable); reducing the brewery’s dependence on scarce fossil fuels; and generating extra income for local farmers from the sale of the husks. In addition, rice husk ash can be sold on for use as a cement filler, an insulator in steel mills and an input for activated silica extraction.

The initiative has been so successful it has been extended to two other breweries in Andhra Pradesh and the new greenfield brewery in Haryana.

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