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Ten Priorities. One Future

Expanding Project Humsafar

Two men talking

Recognising the importance of educating truckers who play an important role in the supply chain, SABMiller India recently launched project ‘Humsafar’ at HBL, its award winning brewery at Sonepat. The primary focus of the programme is to spread awareness of HIV/AIDS among the truckers who are identified as a potentially vulnerable group. The programme includes the facilitation of group discussions, distribution of free awareness materials, condom demonstrations and distribution, one-on-one sessions and talk shows.

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Working with farmers to save water

Woman watering crops

At its Rochees brewery in the water-stressed Alwar district in Rajasthan, SABMiller India has initiated a number of programmes to protect the water supply for the brewery and local farmers. The region has traditionally suffered from over-extraction and poor water management. This has resulted in a significant drop in the aquifer level which poses serious risks to both SABMiller India and the livelihoods of local communities.

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Protecting the route for returnable bottles

Returnable bottles

For many years, SABMiller India has used returnable bottles to package its products (such as those in the photo below), but were generic bottles that were shared by between brewers. In 2011, the businesses introduced patented bottles– a move that formalises the returnable bottle market, protects the condition in which these bottles are returned and also promotes its brands.

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