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The SABMiller blog is intended to generate interest, and stimulate discussion. We invite readers to comment on a blog post and offer their reaction to the comments of others. To keep the blog focused and of interest to our readers, and to try and ensure that it is neither offensive nor breaking the law, we have established a set of ‘house rules’.

All contributions to the SABMiller blog are subject to our website Terms of Use.

In order to participate in the SABMiller blog, you must:

  1. be an adult of 18 (eighteen) years of age or older; and
  2. register with us (providing us with a name and email address).

By registering with us and using the SABMiller blog, you agree to be bound by, and to abide by, these house rules and our website Terms of Use, and warrant that you are an adult of 18 (eighteen) years of age or older.

We will only collect, store and use registration information given by you in accordance with our Privacy Policy. This may include, but shall not be limited to, using such information to validate access to the discussions and for service administration purposes. From time to time we may also contact contributors to answer queries or provide feedback on comments.

If you decide to contribute, please keep your name and comments clean - if either your name or comments fail the ‘house rules’ they will not be published. Specifically, we will not publish names or comments that:

  • Are considered likely to provoke, attack, or offend others.
  • Are racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, abusive or otherwise objectionable
  • Contain swear words or other language likely to offend.
  • We know or suspect may break the law or condone or encourage unlawful activity. This includes breach of copyright, defamation and contempt of court (see below).
  • Advertise products or services for profit.
  • Are made to appear as if they have been posted by someone else.
  • Repeatedly post the same message ‘spam’.
  • Include personal contact details such as telephone numbers, email and postal addresses
  • Are unrelated to the topic.
  • Describe or encourage activities which could endanger the safety or well-being of others, including the abuse of alcohol.

In addition, we ask that you lease try to keep your comments relevant and below 200 words. We may fail posts that are ‘off topic’ or too long.

You acknowledge that you are responsible for the creation of your own contributions, and that the contributions reflect your own views and not ours. We cannot be responsible for ensuring that the content of a contribution is your own original work and complies with all laws. By submitting a contribution, you warrant that the contribution is (1) your own original work; (2) not defamatory and (3) does not infringe any law. To try and avoid breaching copyright and defamation laws, please do not copy large chunks of other people’s work in to your comments. Also, please ensure that you verify all of the information contained in your comments and do not exaggerate, jump to conclusions, or make any speculative suggestions or remarks. On our part, we will:

  • Acknowledge and correct any mistakes promptly.
  • Reply to comments when appropriate as promptly as possible.
  • Link to online references and original source materials directly.
  • Disagree with other opinions respectfully. We may close comments for a post, where several similar comments have been received. In this case we will make it clear that further comments have been received but not published
  • Respect your privacy (in accordance with our Privacy Policy).

You also acknowledge that you own all of the intellectual property rights in your contribution. We will only publish your contribution outside of the blog if we have your express permission to do so.

If you see a post that you feel is inappropriate, or have any other feedback on the blog please e-mail

Your commitment to these rules ensures a positive experience for all participants. We reserve the right to amend or change the house rules and our website Terms of Use at any time and encourage you to periodically review these guidelines to ensure you are in compliance.