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Our Priorities: Enterprise Development

'Building local maize sources'



In Peru, Backus are encouraging smallholder development by moving part of their hard yellow maize procurement from imports (predominantly from Argentina) to local crops grown by smallholder farmers.

Backus have partnered with CEDEPAS (The Ecumenical Centre of Promotion and Social Action) in the project. In 2009, 271 producers from the Jequetepeque valley received training and technical assistance in productive and organizational topics that seek to improve access to knowledge and promote partnerships to achieve greater efficiency and cost control. Of the total of participants, 225 sold their production to Backus. Thanks to the technical assistance received, the producers have improved their productive capacities, increasing their average yields per hectare between 7.5 MT/Ha to 8.7Mt/ha in 2009.

Producers receive training

Regarding the next steps, in F11 there will be continued work with the Jequetepeque producers and new indicators will be introduced to the Project such as the participants' satisfaction level, implementation of improved practices in water management, identification of new strategic allies, consolidation of the producers' head organization and fund leveraging. Likewise, work shall be carried out in identifying new areas where corn productive chains can be implemented to increase the percentage of national purchases.

This initiative is part of the 'Progresando Juntos' programme that aims to improve conditions and create opportunities for micro and small enterprises.


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