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Our Priorities: HIV/Aids

'A holistic approach to tackling HIV'

Nile Breweries


In Uganda, Nile Breweries works with small and medium-sized enterprises, farmers, truck drivers and even the bartenders who sell its products. The programme includes awareness and prevention education, VCT and the provision of antiretroviral therapy as needed. In expanding from the workplace into the community, Nile Breweries has ensured that the farmers many of whom are females are trained as peer educators to be able to work within their own groups and they were given bicycles to enable them to travel more easily.

A row of Ugandan people on bicycles

To date, 320 peer educators have been trained to promote HIV/AIDS awareness within sorghum farming communities, reaching over 4,000 farmers. Training was provided in home-based care for those community members who had sick relatives and children orphaned by HIV and AIDS were provided with bedding, school books and psychosocial support.

In addition to awareness and education on HIV and AIDS, malaria, TB and reproductive health were also covered. The programme is part of an innovative partnership between Nile Breweries and a local NGO, Health Initiatives for the Private Sector (HIPS). Part funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the programme was commended by the Global Business Coalition as an example of best practice in its 2009 Supply Chain Engagement Awards.

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