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Waste Panama nearing zero waste to landfill

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'Nearing zero waste to landfill'

Cervecería Nacional


In 2004, 17% of the solid waste such as cardboard, paper, plastic, PET bottles, wood pallets, Aluminium cans, paper and plastic bags and metals various, produced at Cervecería Nacional's brewery in Panama was sent to municipal solid waste landfills.

With a target to achieve 0% of waste being sent to landfill, Cervecería Nacional embarked on a campaign to further reduce, reuse and recycle the waste produced by their brewery. This began with an inventory of the brewery which helped to identify the recyclable potential of waste produced. This helped to reveal the quantities, the types of wasted product, the size and the site for collection of the materials.

Following the inventory, a strategy was formulated to help minimise the amount of waste sent to landfill. This included purchasing baskets, tanks and carrying carts to assist with the collection and classification of recyclable products. In addition, a number of activities were undertaken to help raise employee awareness of recycling and waste management.

The main result of this initiative has been the significant reduction of waste produced at the brewery. In 2009, only 1.05% of the waste produced was sent to the municipal landfill (compared to 17% in 2004). This is estimated to equate to a reduction of 1000 tonnes of landfill waste a year. In addition to landfill savings, the initiative has also helped the creation and growth of the recycling industry in Panama and has allowed Cervecería Nacional to gain additional income from selling recyclable materials.

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