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'Thousands sign up as designated drivers'

Cervecería Nacional


In Ecuador, studies have shown that one of the biggest problems relating to the irresponsible consumption of alcohol is drink driving. One of the cities with the highest statistical rates of drink driving is Cuenca. Here Cervecería Nacional have initiated their 'Nominated driver' campaign.

The campaign 'Nominated Driver' visits bars and discos of the city with a group of "Agents 005" who invite groups of friends to participate in this mission and designate a driver for the night. This driver is then identified with a bracelet and registered in the program.

At the end of the night before leaving the bar, the Nominated driver goes to the stand for a breathalyser test to measure their alcohol level, if the result is zero, he/she will win a prize and continue participating and register in the campaign website. The campaign was held in phases, and every phase had winners with different prizes for who had participated as Nominated driver and passes the test more times.

So far, over 57 bars and discos have participated in the program and over 4000 individuals have registered themselves as designated drivers. Cervecería Nacional hope to build on upon this success and are considering expanding the initiative to other cities in Ecuador.

This campaign was run in partnership with two local NGOs: Foundation "Justicia Vial" (Road Justice) and Covial who both have expertise in driving laws and road safety. The campaign also has been supported by the Local Government of the Province.

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