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Zero Waste

4 October 2010

In the 1950s, Bill Coors said, "Waste is a resource simply out of place." Sixty years later, this remains a guiding principle for our business. MillerCoors believes that with great beer comes great responsibility, and waste reduction is a top environmental priority. Across the business, we've been working to better manage our waste stream and meet the ultimate goal of achieving zero waste.

Currently, MillerCoors reuses or recycles more than 99 percent of brewery waste across our eight breweries. Everything from spent grain and spent yeast to wood, aluminum, glass, metals, plastic and paperboard.

In 2009, shortly after the joint venture that created MillerCoors in the U.S., we set a goal to reduce waste to landfill by 20% by 2015.  In just one year, we not only met that goal, we exceeded expectations. And three of our breweries - in Trenton, Ohio; Elkton, Virginia; and Irwindale, California - achieved zero waste to landfill.

To meet these accomplishments, we challenge ourselves every day to find new opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle. Often times, we get creative. In our Ohio brewery, we reused scrap metal and old grating found in the brewery to create a more ergonomic platform near our high speed can packer. We also conducted a trial with a supplier to turn process wastewater into a fish food ingredient.

In our breweries, we also make recycling easy and accessible by creating color-coded bins for source separation. But the real secret to our success is our employees - meeting zero waste to landfill involves commitment and passion. Attributes our employees embrace.

Moving forward, MillerCoors will continue to reduce the amount of waste we produce and work towards achieving zero waste to landfill across the enterprise.  We're proud of the steps that we have taken and will continue to lead the charge. We believe that making great beer is a privilege that comes with an even greater responsibility - to our environment and our communities.

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