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15 March 2013

We were very interested to hear from the Secretary of State for International Development earlier this week about DFID’s evolving strategy, and SABMiller absolutely supports the focus on economic growth as an enabler of poverty reduction.

We agree that business is well-placed to innovate and drive efficiencies in a way that can support development. The ColaLife model that the Secretary of State referred to is a great example where, in Zambia, anti-diarrhoea kits are distributed to rural communities through our soft drinks distribution networks.

In the context of discussions on post-2015 development goals, there is a key role for the private sector to play alongside governments and civil society; helping to shape, and deliver against, a new development agenda underpinned by responsible, equitable and sustainable economic growth.

We believe that business, government and civil society must work effectively together if we are to deliver economic growth that fuels development in the face of growing resource scarcity. We also see great potential for increased collaboration between companies where we have common interests in the same geographical areas. For example, SABMiller is seeking to foster collaboration on watershed protection around the world through the Water Futures Initiative.

The focus needs to be on practical, local solutions that generate inclusive growth and social development, and respect human rights, while using water, energy and land efficiently, and protecting the environment. A big challenge! As the Secretary of State said, the enabling environment is key, so we welcome her commitment to continue to support improved legal and governance frameworks, including clear land rights.



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