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Come Rain or Shine volunteering programme

Three volunteers push wheelbarrows

In 2009, Kompania Piwowarska in Poland started its employee volunteer programme, Come Rain or Shine. This scheme enables employees to volunteer their time during working hours to support local community or charitable organisations.

Employees can submit applications for support which are then evaluated to ensure they meet the objectives of the programme. Projects might typically focus on education, healthcare, poverty, physical disability, health and fitness or cultural heritage.

During 2009, Kompania Piwowarska launched 17 voluntary projects. These involved 135 volunteers and helped 2,058 individuals (1,698 children and 360 adults).

Celebrating women of taste

Joanna Wasilewska, SABMiller's Bialystock brewery

Every year SABMiller runs a competition among its 2,000 trained beer tasters to identify the most talented taste buds in the business. This year three of the six finalists, including the overall winner, were women.

Joanna Wasilewska (pictured) from SABMiller’s Bialystock brewery in Poland took the top taster award for the second year running. She was joined in the final by Joanne Sundermeier from North America and Frieda Dehrmann of South Africa.

The finalists were all put through their tasting paces at the same time in their own countries and their answers were submitted electronically to an independent adjudicator that supports SABMiller in its Global Taste System and measures the quality of SABMiller’s beers around the world.

SABMiller’s top 800 beer tasters, a large number of whom are women, come from all group disciplines from marketing and human resources to brewing and packaging.

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