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Using water more efficiently

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URSUS breweries in Romania has been reducing the amount of water they need to make each litre of beer.  Much of the progress has come from the installation of a new brewhouse at the Timisoreana brewery which is set to increase output from 21,000 to 75,000 hectolitres per week.  This in itself will improve the water-to-beer ratio.

In addition to the water-efficient technology in the new brewhouse, URSUS has invested in other technologies to cut its use of water.  All new production streams now have systems that recover water from the brewing stages for use in cleaning processes that don’t need high quality water. More accurate process controls and better water-monitoring systems have also made a difference.

These changes have led to over a 15% improvement in water efficiency across the group of breweries.  

Protecting the Danube delta

The Danube delta, which lies in Romania and Ukraine, was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. Our Romanian brewery, URSUS, has been working to protect the area and improve the quality of its water for many years. In recognition of its conservation activities, URSUS was invited by Romanian MEP Victor Bostinaru to present at a conference entitled ‘The Danube Delta: Nature and Sustainability in Europe’ held in Brussels in December 2008.

The aim of the conference was to raise awareness of the unique character of the Danube delta and the way the region should be integrated into future European development projects. Attended by MEPs, the Romanian government and NGOs such as Cousteau Foundation, WWF and Friends of Nature International, this prestigious event also allowed URSUS to engage with stakeholders on water, one of the ten sustainable development priorities.