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Volunteering boosts employment and health

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In Poland, Kompania Piwowarska worked with an independent NGO, the Volunteering Centre, to analyse its employee volunteering programme. To understand, measure and manage the value of the programme by placing a monetary value on its social outcome, the company used the Social Return on Investment (SROI) calculation. The evaluation covered 19 projects carried out in conjunction with 18 non-profit organisations, looking at their long-term nature and the engagement of employees and local communities and reviewing tangible and intangible outcomes.

The results found that for every one Zloty invested through the programme, 5.81 Zlotys are returned to society through a range of benefits such as higher employment and better health. The 5.81 Zloty figure is considered high. Reports from stakeholders prove the programme was successfully conceived and deployed with employees given a choice of the causes to be funded.

Encouraging consumers to recycle

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In a joint programme with Biedronka – the largest and fastest growing retailer in Poland – Kompania Piwowarska is working to increase consumer awareness of environmental issues and to promote the segregation and recycling of aluminium and glass packaging.

Implemented at 15 Biedronka outlets in 14 Polish towns, the programme has educated shoppers about their environmental impact and given consumers incentives for returning empy cans and bottles. For every five glass or aluminium containers a shopper returned, for example, they received a handy reusable eco-bag.

Over 10,000 eco-bags were given away in return for more than 10 tonnes of recycled glass and 13,000 aluminium cans weighing 300kg.

The responsible business industry leader

Three people holding the responsible business industry leader award

In Poland, Kompania Piwowarska has been named Responsible Business Industry Leader as the highest-placed consumer goods company in the Ranking of Responsible Companies published by the Gazeta Prawna Daily in partnership with the Responsible Business Forum and Kozminski University. The company also claimed second place in the overall ranking.

The award took into account five areas of performance – responsible leadership, dialogue with stakeholders, community involvement, responsible management and social innovation. This ranking is the only comprehensive list to assess the largest companies in Poland on the quality of their management of corporate social responsibility and covers more than 150 companies operating in Poland.

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