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11 June 2009

This week CJCS Sarmat has started local production of Zolotatya Bochka - one of the leading Russian brands in premium segment at its brewery in Donetsk.
The premium segment is one of the fastest growing in the Ukrainian beer market and has a share of 8.9% in volume terms (according to ACNielsen data Q1 2009). In recent months, Zolotaya Bochka  volume growth has demonstrated that it is popular with Ukrainian consumers.

«Local production will make Zolotaya Bochka more accessible at affordable prices for Ukrainian consumers», says Igor Tikhonov, General Director CJSC Sarmat. «We hope that consumers will enjoy excellent classic beer taste and that the brand will win its position in the premium segment of the Ukrainian beer market».

Zolotaya Bochka has been imported to Ukraine from Russia for five years and was positioned in the imported beer segment. Recently Sarmat started the exporting and importing of SABMiller international brands in the Ukraine, and with that, the consumer price was reduced and will be maintained at the same level following the launch of local production.

The launch of local production of Zolotaya Bochka has become possible as a result of new production capabilities. In May this year, a brewery capital upgrade programme was completed. Investments in this programme were approximately USD 12 million. The programme led to the introduction of new unique water treatment equipment, a new product stabilization system and improvement and modernization of packaging line. The first international brand to roll off the line in the new production facility was Velkopopovicky Kozel, which was launched by the Sarmat brewery in April.

Zolotaya Bochka will be brewed in the same traditional recipe and high standards that have made it very popular in Russia; the packaging will remain true to Russian origins while being updated for the Ukrainian market.

Two variants of Zolotaya Bochka Svetloe and Zolotaya Bochka Klassicheskoe will be brewed in Donetsk. They will be available in two types of packaging: bottles and cans 0.5 l, and will be on retail shelves within the next two weeks.

The launch of Zolotaya Bochka will be supported in trade channels and will be aimed at attracting consumer attention to the new product.
CJSC Sarmat 
CJSC Sarmat is a subsidiary of SABMiller plc, one of the world's largest brewers, that operates and has distribution agreements across six continents, with a wide portfolio of brands including premium international beers such as Pilsner Urquell, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Miller Genuine Draft and Grolsch. CJSC "Sarmat" is the only regional brewery in Donetsk founded in 1962. Today, brewing capacity of Sarmat is 1.8 hectolitres per year. Sarmat brand portfolio includes widespread local beer brands: Sarmat, Dnipro, DriveMax and licensed international brands: Velkopopovicky Kozel and Zolotaya Bochka. Sarmat local brands are popular among all regions of Ukraine and exported to the CIS countries like Russia, Moldova and Belorussia. Being a subsidiary of SABMiller plc, Sarmat imports and distributes SABMiller international and regional worth more brands - Miller Genuine Draft, Redds, and Pilsner Urquell.

Zolotaya Bochka is one of the oldest local premium Russian brands which ranks second in premium segment with market share in value terms 11.0% (according to Nielsen, March 2009, cities of Russia with population from 10 thousand people). It was launched in April 1999, its recipe was developed in line with World Class brewing standards with consideration of Russian consumers preferences. Zolotaya Bochka extension includes such sorts as: «Svetloe», «Klassicheskoe», «Vyderzhannoe», «Razlyvnoe» and «Platinovoe».

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