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Nejapa’s inhabitants benefit from San Antonio River conservation project

9 June 2009

This important project is funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation and the Coca-Cola Company, coordinated by Industrias La Constancia and carried out by the environmental NGO ASISTEDCOS under the supervision of WWF (World Wildlife Fund).
This project contributes to the renovation of natural resources in the Nejapa area, home of the La Constancia soft drink plant, and is one of the 200 water programs that Coca-Cola runs around the world.

"This program is also one of the activities implemented by Industrias La Constancia under the company's sustainable development principle," said José Carlos Bonilla, Vice President of Corporate Relations of Industrias La Constancia.

The Nejapa project consists of two main components: protection of water resources and generation of income for the inhabitants of the San Antonio River area.  

Regarding the environmental component, the project is helping to preserve and protect the river and improving quality of life through activities such as: setting up a resource watch team that preserves and protects the river, creating an informative campaign about the by-laws that protect the San Antonio River, cleaning water sources and putting up an organic  500-meter barrier to protect the river.

The program will also reforest the area with 8,000 trees of vital native species, which will provide food and wood, and 5,000 meters of forest for the river banks. This will allow the participation of 150 families, who will plant the surrounding trees and will organize five local communities to plant trees as well.

In order to generate income for the people of the area, the program will implement productive activities to improve both diet and family finances.  Activities will emphasize organization as the key for community development, local products will be commercialized by the creation of an exchange chain, people will be trained to create and cultivate 20 home gardens, and 3,000 trees will be planted to provide food.

The families who benefit from the San Antonio River project will also learn how to make organic compost for their vegetable gardens and orchards, where they will cultivate various crops to put up for sale, such as cucumber, parsley, loroco, leek, corn, chile, tomato, eggplant, chayote, plantain, chipilin and spinach.

One hundred people in total will received direct benefits from the project, consisting of about 20 5-member families that live near the river banks. In addition, the project indirectly benefits about 400 people with its environmental improvements, new food products and the opportunity for better diets.

"We are very pleased with the development of this program because we are seeing firsthand how we can help communities develop their economic potential, and at the same time we're protecting the planet's waters," said Olga Reyes, Manager of Public Affairs for Coca-Cola Company in Central America.

With this program, the Coca-Cola Foundation, Coca-Cola of El Salvador and Industrias La Constancia are contributing to the creation of a better life for the community of the San Antonio River.

Industrias La Constancia, subsidiary of SABMiller plc, is the leading drink-making company in El Salvador. Its mission is to quench thirst and give a positive experience to consumers by providing their favorite drinks.  The company's exceptional brands include Pilsener, Golden Light, Suprema, Barena and Regia beers; Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Tropical, Fresca and Kinley soft drinks; Cristal, Dasani, Paradise and Tampico waters and juices; as well as Powerade isotonic drinks. Industrias La Constancia's proactive contribution to environmental improvement, as well as the social and economic growth of El Salvador, are an essential part of it vision and a basic principle of the sustainability of its operations.

For more information, please contact:

José Carlos Bonilla, Vice-president of Corporate Relations or

Aldo Vallejo, Director of Corporate Relations

Industrias La Constancia, Edificio World Trade Center, Torre 1, 5to Nivel,

89 Avenida Norte y Calle El Mirador, Colonia Escalón, San Salvador, El Salvador, Centro América

PBX (503)  2209-7300 Fax (503) 2209- 7301

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