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Help for victims of the earthquake in Chincha e Ica

7 April 2009

Backus contributions make possible reconstruction works in Ica

- The construction of the Health and Educational Community Centre in Chincha started with the contributions of private companies

- Backus and ONG COPRODELI gave 240 houses in Ica benefiting more than 1000  people

- With an additional donation of US$ 20,000, works in the school "San Antonio" at Subtanjalla, Ica will be completed

Ica, April 03, 2009.- After announcing its commitment in helping with the reconstruction of the south area due to an earthquake incident in August 2007, Bakus made effective its contribution jointly with the NGO COPRODELI (Comunión, Promoción, Desarrollo y Liberación) [Communion, Promotion, Development and Liberation] delivering 240 houses that were built in their own land in the Subtanjalla, Ica district for an amount of $ 250,000.

"We are very satisfied of being able to make our help a reality by giving 240 houses to the Ica families affected by the earthquake and in a situation of extreme poverty. This work has been possible thanks to the efforts of the NGO COPRODELI benefiting more than 1000 people", said Fernando Zavala, vice-president of Corporate Strategy and Relations of Backus.

As it may be remembered, last year, Backus Foundation and NGO COPRODELI signed an Agreement of Participation in which the company gave US$ 250,000, as product of the contributions of Backus workers, other companies of the group and affiliated companies to SABMiller in Latin America; national and foreign suppliers and fundraising made by the friendly party between Peru and Colombia.

Backus also gave a donation of US$ 20,000 for the construction of houses in the established term. This money will be used to finish works in the school "San Antonio" located in the Subtanjalla district that was inaugurated in a ceremony and with the presence of father Miguel Ranera, NGO COPRODELI's president; Ica Regional President Rómulo Triveño y and representatives of the Backus Foundation.

The Backus executive said this year they are planning the construction of 600 houses in the province of Ica, thanks to the initial contribution of Backus, which created a fund (Fondo Rotativo) in order to channel donations for US$ 6,000 that Fondo Mivivienda gives out once the parameters of each house are approved.

Chincha will have a Health and Educational Community Centre

Backus Foundation also participated in the construction of a Health and Educational Community Centre, a work that is part of the reconstruction process of that city facilitated by a strategic alliance between CONFIEP and Business Men for Education with the NGO Peruvian American Medical Society - PAMS, funded by private companies. The Backus contribution of US$ 125,000 will make possible building this

centre that will provide health, educational and social services to the population of the Chincha province.

The Health and Educational Community Centre with more than 8 thousand square metres is one of a kind, and its main objective is improving the health infrastructure and the health and educational services provided to locals. It will also provide courses, presentations and other activities to strengthen the skills and potential of Chincha inhabitants.

The building was inaugurated with the presence of local and government authorities, NGO's representatives and Backus Foundation among other private companies collaborating in the project, as well as inhabitants of the area.

For more information contact:
Cecilia Quevedo / Dora Vallejos
Backus External Communications - 311-3000
Magalli Pacheco  / Lorena Velazco
LLorente & Cuenca - 222-9491

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