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“Check Your Blood Alcohol Level” and “In Sync with Nature” in the Report of the Forum of Responsible Business

6 April 2009

For the third time, good practices of the Kompania Piwowarska [The Brewing Company] have been noted by the experts of FRB and included in the Report "Responsible Business in Poland in 2008. Good practices." In this year's edition of the report, 88 most interesting CSR projects realized by Polish companies have been presented, including two initiatives by Kompania Piwowarska.

The Forum of Responsible Business has presented its seventh Report "Responsible Business in Poland in 2008. Good practices." The publication summarizes the activities in the field of corporate social responsibility in the past year and presents examples of good business practices in four separate areas: workplace, market, society, and natural environment. The report also includes excerpts of press articles devoted to business responsibility, a calendar of initiatives linked with CSR, as well as experts' statements and commentaries.

Awarded practices

"Check Your Blood Alcohol Level" and "In Sync with Nature" are the two practices of Kompania Piwowarska that won the experts' recognition this year and were included in the Report. The program "Check Your Blood Alcohol Level" was part of the field called "Business and the market - health and safety," while the program "In Sync with Nature" was distinguished within the initiatives from "Business and the society - ecological education."
"The growing awareness of companies and business partners, as well as consumers, contributes to various social initiatives which are beneficial for both sides and also allow for the competitive edge on the market," comments Małgorzata Walędzińska, CSR Manager of Kompania Piwowarska.

"Check Your Blood Alcohol Level" is an innovative educational program prepared by Kompania Piwowarska, which allows quickly, at every place and any time, to check one's blood alcohol level and establish the time needed for one to safely drive a vehicle. "The program proved a huge success. Within as little as three months of its implementation, over 10,000 people used the opportunity to send a text message to check their blood alcohol level and find out the time necessary to pass for them to drive a car safely," says Katarzyna Wilczewska, Public Affairs Manager of Kompania Piwowarska.
Within that particular campaign, Kompania also organized a contest for pubs and discotheques and ten winning establishments in Poland were awarded professional breathalyzers.
"In Sync with Nature" is a program addressed to the employees of Kompania Piwowarska, which was created as an extension of the policy of environment protection by the company. The ambition of those "In Sync with Nature" is to give a human face to ecology. The program makes use of elements of humor and surprise, and it is supported by the authorities in the field of recycling, nature and environment protection. The program is designed to convince the employees and their families to lower the amount of produced waste and its conscious segregation, as well as to save water, electricity and thermal energy in their private lives.
"Processes and procedures are not going to take care of everything. We do take special interest so that all employees of Kompania Piwowarska behave in a pro-ecological manner not only at work but also at home, together with their families. The program "In Sync with Nature" shows them how to take care of the natural environment through their individual behavior," comments Katarzyna Wilczewska

The growing interest of Polish companies

Over 150 good practices were entered to this year's publication, out of which 88 by 77 companies were chosen as the most interesting examples. The greatest number, 35 practices, concerns actions within the field of natural environment protection. The field of "Business and the workplace" lists 16 practices, while 12 examples come from the field of "Business and the market." We are hoping that the good examples presented in the 2008 Report, just like every single year, will inspire more companies and show the responsible side of Polish business, said Mirella Panek-Owsiańska, President of the Forum of Responsible Business.
Additional information can be obtained from

Małgorzata Walędzińska
CSR Manager
Kompania Piwowarska SA
Tel.: (32) 327 84 15, 601 590 618

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