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Breathalyzers Will Make Their Way to Pubs

1 April 2009

Owners of Polish pubs wish to teach their regulars how to drink responsibly. A few dozen owners of pubs and restaurants had sent their proposals of concrete actions. As a reward for interesting ideas, 10 establishments have been awarded stationary breathalyzers.

The question regarding actions promoting responsible consumption of alcohol was part of a competition organized by Kompania Piwowarska (The Brewing Company) within a program "Sprawdź Promile" (Check Your Blood Alcohol Level).

It appears that owners of pubs and restaurants have a great many interesting ideas about responsible actions they would like to see implemented in their establishments. Among others, they included: a weekend with a breathalyzer, contests with prizes, posters with celebrities informing about the ban on selling alcohol to underage people, or T-shirts worn by the personnel with a reminder that one cannot drive after alcohol consumption. They also proposed printing appropriate messages on beer coasters or receipts.

In many competition entries, stationary breathalyzers were identified as the best way to help customers realize what their blood alcohol level is, thus discouraging them from driving even after they consumed small amounts of alcohol. "It seems to us, that the best way to dampen their enthusiasm for alcohol drinking is to let them check their own alcohol level through a breathalyzer test. Self-testing of this sort would certainly appeal to the imagination of the consumer," wrote Mr. Tomasz Dobrowolski from Kawiarnia Księżycowa (Moon Café) in Lublin. His much interesting ideas regarding posters in his café, or amusing but at the same time thought-provoking games for the customers were highly valued by the competition jury and awarded with one of the 10 breathalyzers.

Also Mr. Grzegorz Szymański from the Pizzeria Margarita in Poznań advocated the usefulness of stationary breathalyzers: "Using a breathalyzer makes the problem clearly visible because the person administering the test to himself/herself can see his/her own blood alcohol level, and the often heard phrases ‘I know how much I can take' or ‘Nothing's the matter, I am all right' are made visibly worthless for the consumer". Yesterday a breathalyzer, the competition prize, was installed in his establishment so that inhabitants of Poznań frequenting his pizzeria can start using it.

Ms. Danuta Bąkowska from Inowrocław is another winner of the prize. Apart from very innovative ideas of cooperation with the owner of a nearby parking lot, she also described her experience in some actions she had already implemented for her customers. "Drunk drivers are a serious problem in our country, therefore some time ago ‘Bar Maxim' initiated a cooperation with a taxicab company which equipped my bar with CB radios so that we can swiftly order a cab for our customers who receive a 10% discount for a cab-ride if ordered from the bar." 

The competition jury selected 10 winning entries and their authors received breathalyzers. "We are convinced that they have made their way to the establishments where they will serve customers well. Breathalyzers are not only a competition prize but also a clear sign that the owners are truly engaged in promoting responsible alcohol consumption," said Katarzyna Wilczewska, Public Affairs Manager of Kompania Piwowarska and also one of the members of the competition jury.

The recently concluded competition makes up only one stage of the program "Check Your Blood Alcohol Level" run by Kompania Piwowarska, which is to educate drivers not to take the steering wheel after drinking. People who are unable to utilize a stationary breathalyzer may send a text message by entering the password PROMILE, provide their age, gender, weight and amount of consumed alcohol in accordance with the instructions available on, in order to receive after a short while the information on their blood alcohol level and the time necessary to pass so they can drive safely. The safe blood alcohol count received in the return text message is calculated on the basis of an algorithm of the alcohol curve (the Widmark model), provided by the National Agency for Solving Alcohol Problems.

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