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SABMiller RUS enlarges premium segment

20 February 2009

SABMiller RUS announces about two new Redd's tastes' production and sales start - Redd's Dark Passion with black- currant taste and Redd's Velvet Fire with taste of cherry.

 «Redd's new tastes launch  to the market is defined by strong sales growth rate of the brand and growing consumer demand for niche beer market offers, - says Bertrand van Renynghe, Marketing Director SABMiller RUS. We expect to draw consumer's attention to the Redd's novelties, strengthen leading brand position in super-premium segment as well as accentuate brand feminine premium image ».

For six years in the market Redd's won strong market position in super-premium segment and showed significant growth rate of 40% within the segment (as per ACNielsen date December 2008). New bottle design and original can launch in spring 2008 facilitate sales growth for 27% according to the August 2008 reports. As SABMiller RUS qualitative research says, Redd's new tastes awoke consumers' interest and their willingness to try.

In SABMiller RUS portfolio Redd's - is unique super-premium brand of sweet beer, which gained its popularity among consumers due to mild sweet taste without traditional beer after taste. Similarly to fashion and beauty brand extension strategies Redd's introduces new flavors to create ‘set of three' to meet consumers expectations.

Redd's Dark Passion и Redd's Velvet Fire will be packaged in «feminine» Redd's bottle with typical bold pattern of 0.33 liter at SABMiller RUS brewery in Kaluga. New Redd's tastes price will not differ from that of the original.

Products will be distributed in large cities of Russia in retail and HORECA (hotel, restaurants, cafes) systems. There will be extensive campaign launched to support brand extension launches with TV, print and outdoor advertising, street samplings and promotion in trade channels.

Additional information

SABMiller RUS is a subsidiary of one of the world leading brewing companies SABMiller plc, with brewing interests in 60 countries on 6 continents. In Russia the company operates from 1998. The company's portfolio comprises of ten brands, among which are the well-known SABMiller international premium brands Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Miller Genuine Draft, Pilsner Urquell and Grolsch. Local brands include "Zolotaya Bochka", "Tri Bogatyrya", "Moya Kaluga" and premium licensed Redd's, Velkopopovicky Kozel and Holsten. According to ACNielsen data 2007 company volume share was 6%, value share was 10%. SABMiller RUS employs over 1,600 employees in Russia and has a production site in Kaluga. In June 2008 the company announced about the acquisition of Vladpivo

Redd's was launched in the Russian market in 2003. Showing stable positive sales dynamics since the very launch, Redd's have gained a strong position in super-premium price segment gradually growing its market share.  The important step in the brand development was package design change and launch of the original can in 2008.  The key of Redd's success is its unique product quality as well as outstanding and clearly addressed positioning. Redd's is the only beer brand in Russia created specifically for active and stylish ladies.  Unique sweet fruity tastes and stylish packing make Redd's a truly fashionable accessory for women who like to emphasize their individuality and femininity.
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