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Backus launches Quara, a unique combination of citric fruits, barley and alcohol

20 February 2009

- Backus has invested $2,000,000 US in the development and launching of this product, which shows its commitment to the country and strengthens its market leadership.

Lima, February 18, 2009.- Backus keeps on surprising and innovating. Once again, it shows us its modern vision by introducing Quara, a new alcoholic beverage made with barley and citric fruits, which makes it a unique product.

It is important to emphasize that Quara is designed and made in Peru by a team of Peruvians who understand the needs of the local consumers. For this reason Quara does not contain hop and as a result of a special filtration the drink acquires a unique radiance, which makes it especially attractive for those seeking to experience new flavors and who can now introduce Quara to their regular intake.

"On this occasion, and as a result of constant market research, Backus surprises the Peruvian market with a unique offer to consumers. Through Quara, we are helping to stir the market into action and to establish a trend in Peru, since combining citric fruits and barley is a novelty", stated Piotr Jurjewicz, marketing vice president for Backus and Johnston S.A.A. Peruvian Breweries Union.

Likewise, Fabiola Roque, the brand's manager, said: "Quara is a quality product inspired on today's women, modern and secure and who have made known their tastes and preferences in a predominantly masculine category. This high quality beverage will set apart consumers by reflecting their good taste and knowledge about product selection".

Quara has a refreshing, pleasant and singular flavor. This is a result of its fruit component, malted barley, low gas level and its 5 % alcohol content, but with the difference that it does not have hop.

She also mentioned that Quara will be launched nation wide, at several points of sale in the capital as well as at traditional stores, supermarkets, liquor stores and restaurants. They will also make it available in cities such as Chiclayo, Trujillo, Arequipa, Cusco, Huancayo and Puno, among others.

Quara will be available in two presentations: 310 ml and 610 ml, in a new and stylish transparent glass bottle with an innovative label printed in a way that the text is seen through the bottle. The product will have a retail price of: S/. 2.10 and S/. 3.20 respectively.

 "Backus does not stop investing in the country, since it considers this is the way to deal with the competition in an ever growing market. In fact, the investment to launch this new product was close to $2,000,000 US, which was invested in things such as product research and development, manufacture, advertising and marketing as well as material for the points of sale", stated Fabiola Roque.

Through Quara, Backus expands the market and continues innovating and increasing its brand portfolio and granting consumers of both sexes more possibilities to enjoy a pleasant drink for all occasions in a responsible manner.
For more information, contact:
Cecilia Quevedo/ Dora Vallejos
Comunicaciones Externas Backus
311 3000
Magalli Pacheco / Lorena Velazco
222 9491 (Anexo 262)          

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