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Libertad Club and Pilsen Trujillo present the 2009 Marinera Queen

23 December 2008

Lima, December 18, 2008.- María Inés Palacios Quirós, the 2009 Marinera Queen, who will honor with her presence the 49th National Marinera's Contest that will take place next year in Trujillo from January 20th to the 25th was presented at a press conference. The traditional contest, which is sponsored by Pilsen Trujillo, among others, is the most awaited event due to its distinguished participating figures.

Peruvians living in other countries in America and Europe and who come specifically for this event will be added to the more than 900 Peruvian couples who are expected to participate.

Club Libertad's president, Fernando Burmester Landuaro, stated: "We expect this celebration to be received favorably, especially by all the participants. The organization that goes into the event is impressive and it demonstrates the uniqueness of Marinera Norteña and the contest organized by Libertad Club due to the quantity and quality of the couple who participate.

Libertad Club's president also mentioned that regional qualifying contests have been going on throughout the year in Chepén Chimbote, Arequipa, Huacho, Piura, Chiclayo and Lima. Qualifying couples from these regional contests will participate in the finals that will take place on January 25th.

Sandra Canny, the brand manager, stated: "Pilsen Trujillo, a brewery with great tradition, will be present at the Marinera festivities. Pilsen Trujillo's flavor is being enjoyed throughout the country as much as we are enjoying our dance."

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