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The company presents for the sixth consecutive year its sustainable development report

8 December 2008

Beer Company invests 11% of its operative benefitin sustainable development stocks

Cervecera de Canarias has achieved an index of recycling and reuse superior to 96% of the total generated residues.

The company continues committed to the economic and social development of the islands, in particular, during this last year, it has increased its purchase volume in 7% in the Archipelago.

The continuing formation and development of its human team constitutes an essential element of the corporative responsibility.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, December 4, 2008: Beer company of Canarias presents for the sixth consecutive year its sustainable development report. During the last fiscal year the company has assigned 3,2 millions of euros to stocks of corporative responsibility, which means an increase of 42% with regarding to the previous fiscal year. In the last six years the company has invested around 16,9 millions of euros in terms of sustainability.

Loyal to its commitment with the environment, Compañía Cervecera has launched a pioneer initiative in Spain, the goal is the use of barley seeds residues, malt powder and yeast for cattle food and subsequent elaboration of organic fertilizer for agriculture. A fertilizer that respects the ground, neither pollutes aquifers nor emits fumes to the atmosphere. This action has been a key factor to achieve a recycling and reuse index superior to 96% of the total residues generated in its industrial activity.

For the company, the bottle reuse is one of the key factors in its environmental policy. Proof of this is that the company bottles 63% of its products in returnable formats, far above of the average of the Spanish beer industry situated in 52%.

Compañía Cervecera continues its commitment with the economic and social development of the Islands, improving its commercial activity as it increases its purchases of goods and services from local suppliers. In particular, during the last fiscal year, even though raw materials purchased overseas became more expensive, the company has increased its purchases volume in the Archipelago in 7%. To this information we have to add the creation or keeping of 13.000 indirect job positions. Besides, the purchase policy of the company is controlled by a series of Principles of Responsible Supply, which pursues the extension of its responsibility commitment among their supplier partners.

The continuing formation and the development of its human team constitute an essential element in its search for an enterprise competitiveness. During the previous fiscal year, over 80% of its personnel participated in an active way in 19.345 hours of formation activities specialized in different management scopes, exceeding 5 days per year per employee, which locates Compañía Cervecera as one of the companies that assigns more resources and time to form its employees, in national as well as international scopes.

Compañía Cervecera is conscious about being the solution of the non-responsible beer consumption, for that reason it applies strict systems of autoregulation on its commercial communication and has collaborated closely with the Spanish beer sector in education and prevention campaigns addressed to the most sensitive groups, like conductors, youth and parents. Besides, the company has its Own Code which controls the commercial communications and its compliance is audited by an internal committee.

The company's social investment, besides the regular charitable collaboration, is focused on initiatives that have a specific interest on the development of Canarias. Some of these projects are oriented to the conservation and promotion of the rural environment, others to the use of the hydric resources of the islands and others are related to the formation and promotion of the main economic activity of Canarias: Tourism.

Mark Tindall, General Director of Compañía Cervecera de Canarias said, "our commitment with the sustainable development of the Company and its environment remains firm. The high requirement level imposed by ourselves six years ago is giving results, it is a combination of social and environmental impact and the growth of the company."

About Compañía Cervecera de Canarias

CCC is one of the main beer producers at national level and one of the main motors of the economic, industrial and social development of Canarias, with an annual income of approximately 149 millions of euros and a profit over 27 millions of euros during the last year (which locates it among the biggest enterprises of Canarias in the food and beverage sector, in invoicing amount). It has over 300 Canarian entrepreneurs as its shareholders, and belongs to the international group SABMiller.

The Company produces its own beer brands Dorada and Tropical, and Carlsberg under license; distributes international brands such as Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Pilsner Urquell, Guinness and Miller Genuine Draft. Furthermore, it has other beverages such as the energy drink Red Bull, Premium Granini juices and the natural beverages Appletiser and Peartiser. Compañía Cervecera de Canarias is located among the main Canarian wealth and development generator enterprises for the Archipelago economy, boosting the creation of approximately 900 direct job positions and contributing to keep over 13.000 indirect jobs.

Raquel Varela
Senior Asociate
Corporate Affairs
Madrid Office
avda/ de Burgos 21, 7ª planta
28036 Madrid
Ph. 91 384 67 49

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