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Timisoreana had an outstanding 2006 climbing 5 positions in the beer hierarchy

14 March 2007

Bucharest, February 28, 2007 – Starting from 6th position, Timisoreana had a spectacular evolution in the 2nd half of last year, overtaking other 5 brands and taking pole position.

"Ordinary people and their extraordinary stories” is the communication platform launched last year by Timisoreana, a strategy that led the beer, whose brand is closely linked to the first brewery in Romania, to a new stage.  "Timisoreana appreciates the simple but true value of ordinary people. Everything we do is aimed at this direction.  This is our challenge: to prove that the values represented by the ordinary people, win today as they always have.” states Mihai Barsan, Senior Brand Manager Timisoreana. 

It worked.  In a country where beer is a very competitive category (#2 media spender after telecom), Timisoreana has hit a market share of 10.8% in December 2006, overpassing its competitors and becoming the leader on the beer  market. 

Timisoreana Jun-06 Jul-06 Aug-06 Sep-06 Oct-06 Nov-06 Dec-06
Volume share 7.9% 8.6% 9.1% 9.5% 10.2% 10.7% 10.8%
Position in market #6 #4 #4 #4 #2 #1 #1

Source:  MEMBR, excluding alcohol free beer.

Timisoreana team developed an integrated campaign that would sustain communication and ensure coherence in time and space.  Therefore a new image campaign was launched in May 2006, the TC commercial telling the story of a simple man, rewarded by a prince for a nunpretentious gesture of kindness.

“Timisoreana Celebrations”, an event series based on the concept, Romania’s first brewery comes to your city”, have taken the idea of tradition one step further and turned it into an extraordinary beer festival.  750,000 thousand people took part at Timisoreana Celebrations in 2006, in ten different cities throughout the country, enjoying a special celebration of beer in a unique setting.

“Following excellent brand growth, Timisoreana has become leader on the mainstream segment in Horeca, in 2006.  But we knew that in order to reach the same target in retail, we had to increase the existing offer and introduce the PET bottle”, said Mihai Barsan, Senior Brand Manager for Timisoreana in a press release announcing Timisoreana 2L PET launch in July 2006.  Timisoreana 2L PET was launched only when new technology was available, which allowed keeping beer fresh for longer than the other technologies available on the market.

Rewarding loyal consumers was another point scored by Timisoreanain 2006.  Its national consumers promotion was again the most appreciated on the market, registering the highest participation rate of over 50% (source: Daedalus tracker).

URSUS Breweries

URSUS Breweries, a subsidiary of SABMiller plc, is the second largest brewer in Romania with an estimated annual market share of 22%.  URSUS Breweries currently holds 4 breweries with a total capacity of more than 3 million hl and 1,300 employees.  The company conducts its operations in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timişoara, Buzău, Braşov and Tunari.  The brands owned by URSUS Breweries are: URSUS, Timişoreana, Ciucaş, Stejar, Peroni Nastro Azzurro and Pilsner Urquell.


SABMiller plc is one of the world’s largest brewers with brewing interests or distribution agreements in over 60 countries across six continents.  The group’s brands include premium international beers such as Miller Genuine Draft, Peroni Nastro Azzurro and Pilsner Urquell, as well as an exceptional range of market leading local brands.

Outside the USA, SABMiller plc is also one of the largest bottlers of Coca-Cola products in the world.  In the year ended 31 March 2005, the group reported US$2,194 million pre-tax profit and a turnover of US$14,543 million on a UK GAAP basis.

SABMiller plc is listed on the London and Johannesburg stock exchanges.

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