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The 40th Anniversary of the Šariš brand

24 May 2007

It is already 40 years since the time when the Slovak beer-lovers savoured for the first time the delicate froth of fresh beer brewed in Veľký Šariš, where the first brew of the 10 % light beer of Šariš brand was brewed on 26 May 1967. One week later, visitors of the natural watering place Delňa enjoyed firstly the cooled Šariš beer and starting from the early morning of 3 July 1967, the new Šariš brand beer was distributed by trucks into the Eastern Slovakia districts. Hence the beer was brought linking to the long-ago tradition of the beer-brewing in the Šariš region.

“The Šariš brand is the stable pillar of our business in Slovakia”, says Imrich Havriš, managing director of the company Pivovary Topvar, a.s. “We are proud of the success achieved by the Šariš beer for the previous forty years. I know that it is not simple to brew good beer. We must have favourable conditions, technologies and experience. In addition, tradition and relationship to beer-brewing play their roles. However, people, the professionals are one of the most crucial conditions. And, the brand Šariš had and has got fortune in this field over its existence.”

The Šariš brand has got to its 40th anniversary a gift: a wort boiler, which is a part of the beer brewing technology. This new wort boiler made by the company Huppmann belongs among the most modern not only in Slovakia, but also in the world. This new technology contributes to the high stable quality of resulting product with the lower production costs. This investment is the most excessive production investment of the Company for this year, amounting to over 40 million of Slovak korunas.

Brief view on the Šariš Brewery’s history

Development of the Šariš Brewery in Veľký Šariš commenced in September 1964. This brewery produced 203 000 hl of beer already for the first production year, reaching the full capacity of 600 000 hl in the year 1970.  The brand Šariš bucketed over the frontiers of the Eastern Slovakia region and gradually, froth-blowers of other Slovak regions could savour it, as well as those who travelled by Košice to Prague trains taking refreshments in restaurant carriages. In 1969, the beer exporting started to Hungary and the Soviet Union, and moreover the Šariš beer found its customers in Poland. Eight years later, the Šariš beer became the Slovak most exported beer within the former Czechoslovakia.

In 1981, beside the production of beer, the malt production started its production in the own malt house and two years later, the non-alcoholic beverage production line commenced its operations. In the same time period, the brewery capacity increased up to one million hl of beer annually. The Brewery exceeded the magic border of 20 millions of hectolitre of beer in 2001.

At the beginning of the nineties, the brewery in Veľký Šariš was transformed into a joint-stock company and in 1993 it delivered the popular brand Smädný mních. The new millennium brought to the plant in Veľký Šariš also cooperation with the affiliated company Pilsner Prazdroj, which, similarly as Šariš, is owned by the second largest world brewery SABMiller Group. Since the beginning of this year, the brewery in Veľký Šariš is a part of the company Pivovary Topvar, a.s., what is result of the merger of joint-stock companies Pivovar Šariš, a.s.  and Topvar, a.s.  The brewery in Veľký Šariš has been belonging already for decades among the most crucial employers in the region. While in 1977 it employed about 350 people, today, almost thousand people work within the company Pivovary Topvar, a.s.

The Šariš beer keeps constantly its high quality, what has been proved by the leading positions of the prestigious world beer competitions, among others, the four-multiple awarding from the international quality competition Monde Selection, or prizes obtained on the all-world competition Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA). 


The joint-stock company Pivovary Topvar is subsidiary of one of the world’s largest brewers SABMiller. Its brand portfolio comprises of the Slovak brands Šariš, Topvar and Smädný mních and of the Czech brands Velkopopovický Kozel, Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus and Radegast Birell. The company Pivovary Topvar, a.s. have almost the 40-percent share of the Slovak beer market, selling annually more than 1.7 million hl of beer and employing almost 1,000 workers.

While you require more information, please contact with your full confidence:
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