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Pivovary Topvar, A.S. Announces Business Results for the Financial Year

25 May 2007

Pivovary Topvar - a Slovak subsidiary of one of the world’s largest brewers SABMiller - announced its results for the financial year 2006/2007. These results will be subject to approval by the General Meeting that will take place on June 28 in Veľký Šariš.

The results for this financial year consist of 9 months of Pivovar Saris from 1.4.2007 to 31.12.2007 and following 3 months of the enlarged entity combining original companies Pivovar Saris and Topvar. The company name was changed to Pivovary Topvar on 1st January 2007 when the legal merger was completed. Financial Highlights include:

  • Revenues grew by 14.7 % amounting to 2.537 billion Slovak korunas (SKK).
  • Operating income reached the level of 30.8 million SKK.
  • After-tax profit reached 74.08 million SKK (compared to a loss of 19.00 million SKK for the previous financial year).
  • Total investments of the Company represent 308 million SKK (a significant increase on previous year and underlining our commitment to invest in brands).

“Although the financial results cannot be directly compared to previous year, we can say we are particularly pleased by the successful integration project which was the largest challenge of the company Pivovary Topvar, a.s. in last financial year and has resulted in volume, revenue and profit growth ahead of expectations. Compared to the total Slovak market volumes of + 2.4% growth after 3 years of decline, organic growth of our brands has been an impressive 4.2%,” says Imrich Havriš, Managing Director.

Company Pivovary Topvar is continuously striving to improve the quality of production. This year, Saris brewery became the first food company in Slovakia to obtain the HACCP certificate from the renowned independent certifying company Det Norske Veritas. In addition the investment program into all areas of business has continued to strengthen the brand portfolio to meet the consumers’ needs.


The joint-stock company Pivovary Topvar is subsidiary of one of the world’s largest brewers SABMiller. Its brand portfolio comprises of the Slovak brands Šariš, Topvar and Smädný mních and of the Czech brands Velkopopovický Kozel, Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus and Radegast Birell. The company Pivovary Topvar, a.s. have almost the 40-percent share of the Slovak beer market, selling annually more than 1.7 million hl of beer and employing almost 1,000 workers.

While you require more information, please contact with your full confidence:
Pivovary Topvar, a. s., Mrs. Drahomíra Mandíková, Corporate Affairs Manager
Phone number: +421-2-67286150, Mobile number: +421-904703137,
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