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La Libertad Achieves a New Guinness World Record in Northern Peru

12 February 2014

Thanks to the Pilsen Trujillo initiative

- 555 couples danced simultaneously in five cities: La Libertad: Chepén, Paiján, Huamachuco, Virú and Trujillo.

- With these types of initiatives, Pilsen Trujillo reaffirms its commitment to activities that strengthen the identity and culture of the Trujillo people.

Trujillo, February 8th, 2014 - Pilsen Trujillo gathered 555 couples to dance the Marinera simultaneously in five different cities in the La Libertad region, achieving a new Guinness World Record and putting this traditional dance in the global spotlight.

Ralph Hannah, Guinness World Records’ Representative, certified the proper running of this event in Armas Square in Chepén, the Municipal Coliseum in Paiján, the San Nicolás de Huamachuco Educational Institution Coliseum, Armas Square in Virú and in the Real Plaza de Trujillo Community Centre in Trujillo. The couples danced to reach the goal of being entered into this internationally recognised book.

The champions of the Marinera National Competition were in charge of leading the steps for the rest of the dancers. Among the champions were Victor “Chinese” Calderón, Maricarmen Olórtegui, Gino Morales, Tatiana Ramírez, Ale Noriega, Ronald Ramírez, John Alan, Claudia Herrán and Lizet Castañeda.

For Pilsen Trujillo it is greatly satisfying to have helped achieve a Guinness World Record, and we thank the people of La Libertad who gathered for this occasion and helped enter our beautiful Marinera dance into the pages of this globally acclaimed book,” said Zoila del Carpio, Pilsen Trujillo Director. “It was full of music, Peruvian culture, and everything was certified by the Guinness Record Representative,” she said.

In every city there was a special celebration after achieving this new Guinness World Record. In Virú, the people enjoyed the Palo Santo band; in Paiján, the Toya Banda Show played; Chepén celebrated with Los Méndez; Huamachuco danced to the music of Pepe Alva and Kenti José; and in Trujillo, the Hermanos Villacorta closed the event.

Pilsen Trujillo, From the North to the World

As a result of “Campaign Guinness World Record 2014,” recently launched by Pilsen Trujillo, five people received double flight tickets to Madrid and can accompany the 2014 Marinera winners.

In this way, Pilsen Trujillo continues to grow in the market and maintains the northern flavour with a promotion that recognises the preferences of consumers from Trujillo and their unique way of enjoying the Marinera.

About Trujillo Pilsen

Pilsen Trujillo is beer with over 90 years of brewing history. It was born in Trujillo city as a regional brand and today is enjoyed nationwide.

This beer is recognised for its careful complete fermentation process ensuring its quality and flavour are always the same, so you can share it and celebrate with your loved ones.

About Backus:

Union of Peruvian Breweries and Johnston is the brewing industry leader in Peru. It has 5 decentralised production plants in Lima (Ate), Arequipa, Cusco, Motupe and Pucallpa, it also has a malt factory and a mineral water plant. It has a portfolio of national and international brands, well-segmented, to satisfy consumers in more than 180,000 selling points throughout the country.

Backus works with a focus in sustainable development, with the goal of generating shared value with the people that are part of its value chain and the communities in which it operates. That is why all its initiatives and projects want to generate social inclusion and strategic alliances to favour the efforts and achieve a greater impact in economic, social and environmental terms for the society as a whole.

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César Rodríguez de la Viuda / Nikolai Álvarez
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Note, the news release was first published in its local market on 8th of February 2014.



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